Hyaluronic Hand Care

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This set contains all the essentials for your complete hand care package.

Somic Hand Washes are formulated with the most gentle cleansing ingredients and reinforced with botanically-derived, skin-nourishing ingredients.

Moisture your hands with a Somic hand cream of the same scent and your hand wash. Imbued with hyaluronic acid for long lasting hydration and skin firmness, the hand creams prevent cracking and wrinkling of dry hands.

Choose between:

Nullarbor 4: Naturally scented with hyacinth, nutmeg, myrrh and sweet marjoram. An earthy and nutty base note with a delicately floral top note

Pristine: Naturally scented with green mandarin, white lotus, kanuka, and hyacinth. A Floral, citrusy, sweet scent.

This set contains:

1 x 450mL Bottle of Hand Wash

1 x 250mL Bottle of Hyaluronic Hand Cream

1 x 100mL Tube of Hyaluronic Hand Cream

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