Meet Somic

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, Somic produces handmade, small batch formulas for skin, body, hair, children, bath, dogs and home. We use only vegan friendly ingredients that are derived from nature.

As part of Somic’s DNA we produce fresh products that only use organic essential oils, to add all natural aromatic scents. Never has the word “perfume” or “fragrance” appeared in our ingredients. Why? These words are loop holes to hide unnatural ingredients. During our small batch process, we only produce what demand requires to minimise wastes and ensure freshness. Fresh products mean less preservatives, no fillers or stabilisers, just formulas that are designed for their purpose.

The environment is also a major part of our identity at Somic. All our bottles are multi purpose ,with no plastic wrapped labels. Our advanced UV printer allows us to print directly on each bottle. All refills are also plastic free, and biodegradable.

Hand made, fresh from us to you