1. Vegan friendly ingredients in all Somic formulations.


  2. Use of Alcohol is limited in all Somic formulations. It is only present in our hand sanitisers and room spritzes. The use of alcohol in hand sanitisers ensure that it is effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria from the surface of your hands. Its incorporation in the room spritzes ensure that the product will evaporate before landing on any surfaces.

  3. Micro-plastics are not found in any Somic exfoliants or scrubs. We only use natural, plant derived exfoliants.


  4. Expiry date is 12 months from opening. We also have the batch number which identifies the week and year that each product was made.


  5. Parabens are not used in any of Somic’s formulations.


  6. Artificial fragrances or perfumes are not found in any of Somic’s formulations. Instead, we only use a unique blend of organic and fair-trade botanical oils (essential oils) to provide a bespoke sensory experience.


  7. The colour of each product is a direct result of the natural colour of nature’s oils used to fragrance them. Somic products appear how nature intended them look. Most pure essential oils are not transparent. Our “Blessed” product line has a blue tinge because of the naturally blue colour of Blue Cypress and Blue Tansy oils.


  8. Preservatives are essential in keeping products fresh and free of harmful germs and bacteria. To ensure the products are as natural as possible, Somic only uses a small percentage of preservatives in each product – a combination of phenoxyethanol and berry-derived sorbic acid and an emollient (caprylyl glycol). Each of these ingredients has been proven to be safe for use in skin care formulations, as well as effective in providing broad-spectrum preservation.


  9. Petrochemicals are not part of any of our formulations.


  10. At Somic, we believe in balancing nature with science. We use safe synthetic ingredients as substitutes for animal-derived ingredients so as to not compromise on the functionality of the products.