somic skincare routine

At an age of 42 Michael’s main concern is his ageing skin. He has a normal skin type (not too dry, not too oily). Michael uses the Phoenix Cream Cleanser both in the morning and at night to cleanse his skin whilst retaining its moisture. 

He uses either the Glow or Illuminate Face Scrub three times a week for a deeper clean, removing impurities from his pores and exfoliating dead or dry skin. This is usually followed by the Rejuvenate Face Mask which hydrates the skin and has anti-ageing properties. 

Ageless Anti-Ageing Cream is used in the morning as a daily moisturiser because of its rich balance of age defying peptides.  

Radiance Night Cream is used prior to bedtime to allow its hydrating and anti-ageing properties to soak into the skin overnight.