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Men you deserve a pamper day too. Here is a perfect trio of self-care products you need to groom your beards, wash your body and smell fresh.

Grace Body Wash

Formulated with plant derived ingredients, Grace Body Wash removes impurities from the skin whilst also conditioning and moisturising to improve skin softness. A blend of earthy and delicate vetiver, violet leaf, spike lavender, and tuberose essential oils will delicately fragrance your skin.

Mars Shaving Cream

A gently foaming blend of soothing and skin nourishing plant-based ingredients formulated to create a smooth shave and soften your post shave skin.

Shield Deodorant

This vegan deodorant is free of aluminium, sodium bi-carbonate, talc, and phthalates (plasticisers). It is infused with pure hydrating oils such as sweet almond oil and coconut oil to nourish the skin and create a smooth non-greasy and fast-absorbing formulation.

This set contains:

1 x 450ml Bottle of Grace Body Wash

1 x 200ml Tube of Mars Shaving Cream

1 x 30g Shield Deodorant

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