environmental practices

At Somic, we are committed to protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and respecting animal rights. Each of our ingredients are vegan friendly, which means they have not been tested on animals and do not use any animal derived ingredients. We believe in the use of safe synthetic ingredients to replace traditionally animal-derived personal care ingredients, to optimise functionality of the product. 

Planet-friendly practices we live by at Somic: 

  1. All our products and packaging, down to our printer ink, are vegan friendly. None of our products have been tested on animals. 
  2. We use only recyclable PETG plastic bottles for our product packaging. These bottles can also be reused using our refill sachets. Our tubes can also be recycled.
  3. We do not print large plastic labels that wrap around any of our products. Instead, we use paper information cards to accompany each product.
  4. All our mailbags are also biodegradable and bubble wrap is fully recycable.
  5. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we avoid logistics that involve factories, trucks, storage facilities and retail stores. As soon as our products are made, they are sent directly to our customers.
  6. We send all our orders using a carbon neutral freight company, unless Express Post is selected.