Winter Time, Flu Season

Winter is indeed a time when flu season is prevalent, and it's important to take preventive measures to protect yourself from germs. The colder weather is commonly associated with an increase in respiratory infections such as colds, flu, and other viruses. These illnesses are often spread through direct contact with contaminated surfaces or by touching your face with germ-laden hands. Regular hand washing helps remove germs from your hands and reduces the risk of getting sick.

Somic Hand Washes are specifically formulated to cleanse your hands effectively while keeping them moisturised. These hand washes contain skin conditioning ingredients that help retain moisture and prevent dryness. Additionally, they are infused with a fresh blend of organic oils, providing a delicate fragrance for your hands.

If you prefer a quicker option for hand cleaning, Somic Foam is an excellent choice. It offers a convenient way to clean your hands without the need for water. The foam formulation is easy to use and provides effective cleansing.

To effectively kill germs, Somic hand sanitisers contain 70% alcohol, which is known for its antimicrobial properties. This high alcohol content helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses on your hands. In addition, the hand sanitisers are enriched with hyaluronic acid and manketti (mongongo) oil. These ingredients help retain moisture in your hands, preventing dryness and leaving them feeling supple and soft.