Glow Getter Kit

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Glow Getter is the ultimate luxury skin care gift set. Curated to nourish your skin at every stage of your skin care routine, Glow Getter Kit contains:

Illuminate Face Scrub

A mild strength face scrub embedded with natural exfoliants derived from rice and coconut shell.

Phoenix Cream Cleanser

A gentle cleanser infused with coconut and jojoba oil to melt away the impurities without stripping the moisture from your skin. Scented with green mandarin, rose de mai, clary sage, and violet leaf essential oils, this cleanser works to cleanse, protect, and tone the skin whilst giving it a pleasant and fresh aroma.

Revitalise Face Serum

A luxurious antioxidant-rich serum designed to help your skin combat and recover from day-to-day stressors such as environmental pollution and sun-damage.

Vitalise Eye Serum

A deeply nourishing eye serum curated with the highest quality ingredients to rejuvenate and protect the eye region while reducing puffiness and improving the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Harmony Face Mist

A quick way and simple to refresh your face, Harmony contains a unique blend of only the purest skin-nourishing natural oils leaving your skin smelling pleasant and feeling fresh.

This set contains:

1 x 100ml Tube of a Illuminate Face Scrub

1 x 100ml Tube of Phoenix Cream Cleanser

1 x 30ml Bottle of Revitalise Face Serum

1 x 30ml Bottle of Vitalise Eye Serum

1 x 150ml Bottle of Harmony Face Mist

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