Hero For Him Beard Set

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Unveil the ultimate grooming experience with our Hero for Him Beard Set. Elevate the beard routine with our premium beard wash, crafted for a clean and nourished beard. Our hydrating beard oil tames and softens facial hair, while our luxurious shaving cream delivers a smooth and comfortable shave. Gift him the confidence of a well-groomed look in one exceptional package.

Mars Foam Beard Wash

Our Mars Foam Beard Wash is a gently foaming and moisturising formulation designed to condition your beard or stubble to ensure it is well hydrated and smooth. Enriched with soothing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera gel and vitamin E, this beard wash will nourish your skin, prevent itchiness, and condition the hair for the ultimate groomed look. Citrusy and sweet notes of green mandarin and ylang ylang combined with earthy notes of vetiver will leave your beard smelling pleasant and fresh.

Mars Shaving Cream

A gently foaming blend of soothing and skin nourishing plant-based ingredients formulated to create a smooth shave and soften your post shave skin.

Mars Beard Oil

This rich nourishing blend of botanical oils, cocoa butter, and vitamin E is formulated to condition your beard and moisturise your skin. It will prevent flaking of dry skin and give your facial hair a luminous shine. 

This set contains:

1 x 250ml Bottle of Mars Foam Beard Wash

1 x 200ml Tube of Mars Shaving Cream

1 x 30ml Bottle of Mars Beard Oil

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